Dimigi is an AI platform built having companies using drones in mind. It's based on templates performing business processes without human intervention.

With analytics performed by automatic algorithms you'll get the information you need for business decision-making. You'll have at your fingertips templates to measure roof surfaces, count thousands of trees, manage biodiversity from the sky and much more.

Our Tech Stack

Under the hood Dimgi is an End-to-End Machine Learning platform. Fully managed by our team it's there where magic happens. It naturally integrates cutting-edge technologies ;) such as:


Pytorch Framework TensorFlow and Keras are great starting points frameworks but it's easy to get their limits. They are high and very high level frameworks. Pytorch however is such a low level framework, that said we're able to get access to lowest area into the code comparing to other frameworks. This is beneficial because we can perform sophisticated R&D and bring useful innovation up to you.


Kubeflow ML Toolkit Kubeflow is a Machine Learning toolkit laying on Kubernetes clusters and it's a robust technology. As robust it isn't easy to master but once mastered it became the backbone of our End-to-End Machine learning platform. With this toolkit we're able to build and manage complexe AI pipelines including business processes and automatic algorithms.


Kubenertes Cluster Kubernetes also know as K8s is our secret to have a resilience and scalability for our solutions. Resources are allocated according to demand. That means servers will spawn only when users request the application and number of servers decrease or increase along users demand. Today this technology is widely utilized.


We are first level Microsoft Partners. With a wide world presence Azure allows us to bring our solutions to servers and storage closer to your location. In France Azure has two servers locations and historically Microsoft represent security and thrust. We think they don't need larger introduction :)

We Value Your Time

This is our most important value Your Time:

Our team understands that life is a marathon, and it's super important to make sure you take care of YOU and your needs. This is why we try to remind our users to take time off, reward themselves after a job well done, and put down the phone every once in a while when there's nowhere you have to be, or nothing you need to do.

Dimgi AI App will help you to get there ... smoothly :)