Templates help you to run business processes without human intervention. We'll be adding templates to solve business decision-making challenges where intensive tasks are involved.

You'll find all the templates grouped in the Dimgi's Forge. What is the Forge? To know more about how it works, you can check the Forge's documentation. We included free templates to let you test some of the available models. Below you'll also find templates focused on business processes.

Measure Roof Surfaces (Beta)

This template is useful for professionals looking to know the surface of roofs and instantly give an insight to their clients. This tool has in mind professionals installing solar panels and all kinds of business requiring to calculate roof surface areas in a flash.

You only need to take a 3 seconds video with your drone and send it through the platform. You'll receive a report including the surface areas by roof on the video. You'll find more details about how it works on Measure Roof Surfaces documentation.

Count Thousands of Trees (Beta)

This template is particularly interesting to get insight into the number of healthy trees, or dying trees, in large tree framing or arboriculture exploitation. Fly large areas with your drone, send the video through the platform and you'll get the report with the number of trees detected.

It counts trees but it is easy for us to create templates counting anything your business needs. To know more about how it works, please visit the documentation of Detect and Count Trees.

Object Detection on Images (FREE)

Would you ever want to have fun detecting objects on images? The idea of giving access to this template is to let you test our models included into business processes templates. If you think a model can solve a business challenge you have, you can book a meeting with us and we'll build together a custom template.

If you want to learn a little more before to jump, take a look at our documentation on how to detect objects on images.

Object Detection on Videos (FREE)

This template is useful to analyze large amounts of video data. A typical example is when in most of the video nothing passes in front of the camera. This template is able to tell you if there are objects detected on specific frames of the video. You'll receive the name of the video and the timestamp of the moment when objects were found.

We'll understand if you need more information before getting started, even if it is for free :). Then you can check out our documentation on how to detect objects on videos.

Custom Templates

You can build your own custom templates. If you are interested in this feature please get in touch with us.